‘to be honest, i was lying’ – thanks for coming

This album slaps. As per usual, a cathartic examination of everyday thoughts and feelings that to me is as relatable as it gets. This is my favorite song from it:

If you’re not familiar with thanks for coming they released FIVE full length albums this year (wtf).

On their earlier album which I reviewed titled “i almost named this album…” which was too long to include the whole title and still is, tfc sang my ultimate quarantine song ‘anthem for a washed up 90s sitcom actor (or someone with the flu)’ which said everything I was feeling about quarantine at the time:

Just love this track, and the whole album for that matter. What’s weird about these thanks for coming albums is they come out so close together but still show growth with each album.

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Anyways, this whole album is fantastic.

Also low key the merch is lit:

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