Spotify Wrapped 2020

Well finally is here one more year with the Spotify Wrapped 2020 that was released last night and blew up social media in the last hours, weird times we’re living and these guys did it again, awesome job once again, different from last year, and still awesome.

I’m pretty sure that you already look into yours and find interesting things about you right?

Maybe not so much, maybe you’re aware of your own habits, your favorite track, band, and so on…

Anyway for me was  amazing to find some crazy stats like….

The new artist listened this year 4,327 (WTF)

Gender listened 1,450, 307 new for me and the TOP 5

Tastemaker (I was aware of this) but didn’t have an idea of this number 1,565 followers in 58 Playlist that’s huge for me, thanks to everyone out there that enjoys my curating work you’re awesome!!!

The albums that I listen to the most 

The most streamed track

Another #mindblowingfacts 8,884 artists and 229,686 minutes listened this year.

In case you’re curious enough this is my Wrapped video…

And finally the Playlist Your Top 100 Songs 2020

The end of the roud for another year. Well this is it!!!

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