100 Underground Tracks 2020 (73-81)

Decemb er 07, 2020. Hi, I’m really excited we’re already 81 tracks in this countdown and only one more post to get to the TOP10… but wait, one step at the time, first next batch for this sick Playlist #100undergroundtracks2020, time for these 9 bands with the track that I enjoy the most and already locked a place here#showlove

73.- Boo Hag Burial Ground

74.- Alpha Signal Milking a Deadman

75.- Ashtrace Withdrawal

76.- Concrete Armbands Setraline

77.- Tape.Rewind.Repeat Foundations

78.- The Amber Day Missing Man

79.- Venus Twins The Whole Thing is Sick

80.- deathcrash Bind

81.- Teen Creeps Seeing Shapes

The whole 81 tracks are here in this Playlist

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