Best New Tracks 12/10/20

Last playlist update of the year woohoooo time for a vacation- oh wait what’s that? Oh word, nevermind time to go through every single song released this year and rank the 50 best in order nbd.

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Here’s my top 50 tracks of 2019 post if you’re feeling nostalgic. You’ll only find 2019 on here because well, we weren’t around in 2018. However I have painstakingly included all of my top picks from the past decade here if you’re interested.

Anyways, let’s bang- I mean let’s listen to some bangers. Follow our Spotify Playlist for weekly updates:

‘Oblivion’ – Alaska Reid

Alaska Reid has been killing it this year, this being her second song on the playlist of the year. She’s from Montana and currently in LA, and I can’t get enough. Sunday Tuesday George reached out to say it’s great, and even though he’s an a-hole who likes RHCP B-sides, in this case he’s totally right.

‘Greener’ – Charlie Curtis-Beard, PattyBoomba

This song is amazing, and frankly all of Charlie Curtis-Beard’s releases are. Loving this.

P.S. is this enough description for y’all? There’s 17 songs we don’t need novels amirite

‘Feels Right’ – Biig Piig

Real upbeat vibes here, a groover.

‘Freebritney’ – BlondesnamedBritney

This one was a rec from my little brother Pete. Turns out these guys went to my high school (It’s a great day to be a wildkit IYKYK). These dudes show a lot of promise, would expect nothing less from two dudes raised off some chicken shack and Poochies/Mustards/Bills/Hubs/Dengeos probably.

‘i can get emotional too’

I was fortunate enough to have just done an interview with Rachel Brown AKA thanks for coming, which was dope, as they were the artist behind my undisputed quarantine song which I reviewed in detail here.

‘BAWDY’ – Shygirl

This Shygirl EP absolutely slaps. As you can tell from the cover art, it’s some extremely accessible radio pop in the vein of Dua Lipa/Lady Gaga that you can definitely play at your kid’s Bar/Batmitzvah without turning any heads.

‘Cocaine Catwalk’ – BbyMutha

Pour one out for BootyHole-Iesha, the protagonist of BbyMutha’s album Muthaland. This one wasn’t on Spotify for a while and just got uploaded. Of course rap aficionado and even sadder girl UnderCoverSadGirl spotted this one and put it on my radar, great call.


What is up with this trend of making absolute BANGERS that are less than one minute long? Last week we had DAZED AND ABUSED IN BEVERLY HILLS by Amaarae, which is how any waiter who has ever worked in Beverly Hills probably feels, and this week we have this Japanese banger from CANDYGIRL. As a fellow J man myself, love to hear the Japanese bangers with all of my heart.

‘New year, new me’ – SLØTFACE

Just wow, so absolutely gorgeous. This song has been on straight repeat and I just can’t stop. This one is probably sneaking onto my best tracks of the year list if I have anything to say about it (I do, I literally have everything to say about it, so yes, it will be). This song actually originally came out last year around the same time, but as a faster and more upbeat version. Sometimes it takes a song some time in the ether before it can be recreated the way it was supposed to be presented, and I feel that was the case in this instance. This is just an absolutely perfect version. People might not know this but Scarface is a remake of a 30s movie, and the reason you might not know that is, well, the newer version is just… it.

‘Scared’ – Das Body

Norwegian quartet whose entire album absolutely slaps.

‘Final Form’ – Pearly Drops

Found this one on Dopamine Stimulator, good playlist. This album is an instant contender for AOTY for me, everyone I send this to says this same thing- lofi Grimes. As a diehard Art Angel I am obviously all about this. A lot of potential here, excited to see where Pearly Drops go from here.

‘The Little Death’ – The mellows

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE mellows fan. It’s been an active life project of mine to try via broken Japanese to get an interview with the mellows, and I feel like I might have some good news to share with you soon.

Anyways, the mellows released an EP earlier this year that has been on heavy repeat for me. It’s just a vibe.

Vibe GIFs | Tenor

‘Take It Back’ – Fordablok, SOPHIE

‘Deserving’ – dreamcastmoe

‘Out of Love’ – Busty and the Bass, Macy Gray, Anna Majidson

‘J’adore’ – jamesjamesjames

‘Animals & Gods’ – The Electric Cinema

This is one of those gorgeous songs that just sticks with you, a happy blend of some early 2000s comfort indie and some modern singer-songwriter. Big fan.

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  1. I ONLY respect H-E-A-T when it come to RHCP cuts– Blasphemy!

    But yeah, Alaska Reid is out here blessing us with jewels.

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