Is the Lizzo Christmas song the best Christmas song of all time tho?

If you’re a day one ponger I’m sure you remember this post about our favorite Lizzo gem from before she was recognized as the all-encompassing force that is the world-reknowned Lizzo. And now I’m back with more Lizzo praise. Alright like, I know we all want to hear Chestnuts roasting on an open fire and that song that goes rapumpapumpum at Christmastime, but, can we at least say, that this song slaps the hardest?

Now I know the haters (Kevin, Paul, Jessica, Norm, Sandra, to anonymously name a few past hater names from the DMs) are going to reference this earlier post I did about how great All I Want For Christmas Is You is. But to those haters (Kevin, Paul, Jessica, Norm, Sandra) I say that… I wish you a happy holiday, God bless. I won’t be lowered to your coal-stuffed stocking standards.

Anyways, check out JPG’s blog and playlist for more new indie Christmas songs from this year. Which frankly I have no idea how he found and aggregated so effectively, but I guess that’s the kind of shit you get when you listen to over 8,000 artists in 2020 and over 223,000 minutes. …

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