Introducing To…Volk!

“Lightning-charged duo VOLK is a Molotov coctail of high-octane Rock & Roll and Honky-Tonking Country swagger” SoundCloud bio.

“The sonic union of guitarist Christopher Lowe and drummer Eleot Reich, Volk has a no-frills power-duo sound and setup that brings to mind early White Stripes, but with a lot more going on in the sonic margins.” NASHVILLE SCENE

Impresive credential, isn’t it? If you haven’t heard before about these guys you must be eager to listen to them, wait a little longer, When asked Chris about what would like to first listener know about them he replied  “Let me think….volk is like Jack and Meg White tripped acid and believed they were Johnny Cash and June Carter. It’s all the raw power duo energy that aspires to zz/dc snarling riffs and thunderous drums but with the country swagger and charm of Dwight Yoakam and Dolly Parton. Volk is RocknRoll country-fried.”

But if you’re a longtime fan this is a whole other kind of cat guys, is going to blow your mind and left you wanting for more thunderous drums and those noisy riffs that for only two guys they sound massive… Chris let me know yesterday that they already were over 1.6 streams a personal best for the band,  and is easy to understand with this new ferocious and contagious sound, here you have the phenomenal lead single released last Monday Welcome to Cashville out via Romanus Records

Their debut album titled Cashville is due out March 2021 but before thinking about it, they have been working on the video for this track, and from what I have seen in two teaser trailers they have a lot of fun doing it, is going to be ready for next week so stay tuned it’ll rock your faces off. I can’t hardly wait to see it. (Don’t have to wait no more) Here is the video released today

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I hope not only you can enjoy this track but also support this swagger band streaming and sharing their work that obviously you can fin in the Playlist Fresh Singles, and Less Than 1,000 Followers (hopefully not for long

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