Best Gems of 2020

This is not my forthcoming best tracks of 2020 list, these are specifically under the radar gems that I dug up in the rigorous hours of blogging this year.

‘No Interruptions’ – Betty Mae

This is basically all I need to say about this:

I can’t find the screenshot but I listened to it 65 times. Just an unbelievable song. I had the pleasure of speaking with Chicago-based Betty Mae earlier this year, she’s amazing and y’all should get her on your radar ASAP.

‘Fuck Dallas BBQ’ – The New Restaurants

This song is so sick. I read the bio a long time ago and it was something about the phenomenon feeling of being a new restaurant, the uncertainty mixed with excitement, or something. idk it’s on their Spotify bio. Great track.

‘Konke’ – Ntu

Right in the feels. Oof. This cuts deep. So a powerful blend of pain and strength in Ntu’s voice here. Seriously blows me away every time.

‘forces’ – D. Femi

This is so fire. I hope this becomes a hip hop sleeper over time and appreciates, because it deserves it.

‘Harry Goes To War’ – Decoration Day

This is so gorgeous. It’s well known that I have the worst cover radar in the world, and I have Googled at least 5 times whether or not this s a cover, and I’m almost positive it’s not. Which is insane. Because this should be a well-known, famous song? Crazy.

‘B Cool Janet’ – Cheap Synths

Yeah this just slaps. After we blogged about it our staff got invited to be in a Cheap Synths video for their other favorite song of mine this year, which was a blast. Love this track.

‘For Old Times Sake’ – Vaughan Supple, Jenny J

This whole EP is incredible. I had the pleasure of speaking with Vaughan Supple earlier this year about this EP, and how he was able to achieve this bold statement about growing up and conformity. Such a blast of a song.

‘Go Inside’ – We Are Only Human Once, The DartFrogs

I mean I’ve blogged at length about how I don’t like this video, but frankly I don’t understand how WAOHN hasn’t blown up by now. This sound is awesome, the songs are well-written, and they just slap. Kind of reminds me of Smith Westerns self-titled with the DIY feel and prolific nature of Alex G. Hoping this blows up.

‘Never Die’ – Soft Set

Such a gorgeous song. Those 90s vibes we love and miss but with a modern spin.

‘Gateway’ – MUEX

Chicago duo after my heart.

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