Jpgchief Top 100 Songs 2020 (82-90)

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December 17, 2020.

This is the last post before the final Top 10 celebrating this I decide to change the cover art for this year I hope you like it and I wish you can find some good tunes here… the best? For me some of the best but you always miss some tracks in the way and every one has its own taste and that’s okay. Let’s go with the next 9 tracks in this countdown Playlist Top 100 S ongs 2020, already locked a place here 90 songs…

82.- Idris Akamoore When Will I See You Again?

83.- Anneke Van Giersbergen My Promise

84.- Nothing Bernie Sanders

85.- Asher Gamedze Siyubulela

86.- Josiah Johnson False Alarms

87.- Wolf Parede Julia Take Your Man Home

88.- Mourners Die Like This

89.- Mark Morton All I Had To Lose (feat. Mark Morales)

90.- U.S. Girls 4 American Dollars

The whole 90 tracks are here in this Playlist

Remember that you can always find me here

Stream, Support, Share and enjoy it!!!

P.S. In case you want to take a look at the previous post of this thread

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