Different Kind Of Christmas (Part 3)

December 18, 2020, Different Kind of Christmas (final part)

I really hope that for this moment we all are in the Christmas mood. Less than one week for Christmas and today we have a tone of new releases, sorry I should have said great releases that I want to share with you.

If you reed previous post you should remember this line “And this next track is dropping next December 18 but if you can support my friend from Knut would be a wonderful thing, here the message and the track” well today is that day and the track is already in the Playlisst

But most of all I want to wish you the best for these holidays and for next year, we all know this one has been an exceptional year (sadly in a bad way mostly) but we can’t let our hearts feel bad, better face this as an opportunity to be better and to do something different.

 In this way, I find a lot of track related to our reality talking about these days, for example, one very touching track released today is this one

But we have so different points of view and ways to express our holiday’s feelings a classic track but with an indie rock Christmas twist

Or this one by this band that I have been following this year and I love it, they’re part of my  100 Underground Tracks 2020 and today share this track and this on their IG “30 MORE DAYS is a sinister Christmas show tune exploring the Tudor custom “The Lord of Misrule”, wherein a peasant would be appointed to lead hedonistic revelries for thirty days over the Christmas period. The above line is a reference to the 1989 Heinz Baby Food scandal, where Rodney Whitchelo, a former Scotland Yard detective, attempted to extort millions of pounds from the food giant by spiking the food with bleach and razor blades.”  This is the track

But if you want something fun this one nailed it. 

Once again let me wish y’all the very best this year and surely next year will be better. I want to say thank you for follow me and enjoy the music YOU ROCK!!!

Here you have a tone more tracks in this Playlist

Stream, Support, Share, and enjoy it!!!

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Also in case you missed the previous post

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