Introducing To… MDZN!!!

December 19, 2020.

This time I want to share with you an artist that I mentioned before but as MadZen and now under his other moniker MDZN (almost the same right… but without vowels) this is for his electronic techno/ambient project.

Last week he debuts with this single called MAZE a “mesmerizing tune easy to enjoy” quote my own words in his SoundCloud. Also, I have to say that this track invites you to have a fun cool drink and move to the beat… Is it just me? What do you think? A perfect tune for a lounge bar or a dinner with friends. You can check out his YouTube channel and heres the track.   

And today he’s back again with Outta This (This World)

Another enjoyable track just in time to enjoy this weekend with red light talking about México City and the pandemic situation that it’s getting worst, in fact, this shi**y scenario avoid me to join our family for this Holidays.  

Askin MadZen where the inspiration for this track comes from he replied: “I was inspired y the effect the low frequencies have on us, by the warm feeling they can heave and at the same time in the feeling of spiritual connection that you can come to have almost until you  reach an ecstasy out of the body…” Deep s**t my friends, can you feel it? Listen to this track and make your own opinion.

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