TOP 10!!! 100 Underground Track 2020

Finally the Top 10, I know always mention that this 100 countdown is not necessarily in order from 100 to 1 but in the end, we all love the Top10 isn’t it? And No.1 always is going to be the cherry on the cake.

In a recent meeting with the Indie Pong staff we’re talking about an artist/band to keep an eye for next year, well I would say that almost any of these bands in this countdown should be in that category but if I have to pick one out of these TOP 10 I’ll go with Gary, Indiana you know I’m a sucker for female-fronted bands,  I’m  really excited for these guys upcoming debut album. Also I should say the same for Volk and their upcoming album CashVille that I have to say it’s fantastic. Can I mention one more? Sure thing why not it’s my article… Prince Of Lilies don’t forget their debut single Black (really dope track) this Friday…  But Let’s start this TOP 10

10.- She/Best The Sadness Will Last Forever

On November 06 I present to you here the debut as a solo artist by She/Beast with this track The Sadness Will Last Forever, I’m a big fan of this girl and chatting with her asked about this track and she replied this “is about depression and about despair, desolation and resignation. More specific it’s about a bipolar depression according to She/Beast herself. The one that lasts for years and where the person actually forgets that they’re having an episode. The feeling is that the depression has always been there and is always going to be there. This leaves the person feeling total despair and desolation. The title ”The Sadness Will Last Forever” is actually a quote by van Gogh (whom also had bipolar disorder) and is allegedly the last words he ever spoke.”

9.-  Heartworms What Can I Do

Back on November 18 this band debut and we have it here in Debut Track Of The Day few days later I asked Jojo Orme about the meaning of this track and her reply was “It’s about isolation and procrastination in a moment where pain, terror and uncertainty hijacks the mind.” As you should know she writes all her music and when I asked about what’s next she said “I don’t have any plans yet, it’s all quite new at the moment. I guess I’m planning to do gigs. Hopefully get some gigs together when Covid is over” And we all agree with her.

8.- The Receivers Impatience

The band in their own words: “Impatience came about really easily, we were listening to a lot of the Dublin post-punk scene at the time and wanted a song with similar energy.

Talking about what you can expect from the band: “I’d want a first time listener to know that our priority is just really good songs, no matter how simple or complex.” It’s obvious they did it right with this track!!!

Asking them about plans for the future an EP or debut album they reply “No, we’ve done EPs before and feel it’s best to leave that for a while. Plus you only get one shot at a debut album so we don’t want to do that until we have the right support” Smart!!!

7.-  Artemys  Rabble Rouser

The band in their own words

“We’re the byproduct of mixing the Arctic Monkeys with the heavy riffs of Rage Against The Machine; we might only have 2 people but we sound massive” I need to add a  fantastic sound infused with their heart and soul.”

“Rabble Rouser is a song about the generational divide present in society; it’s about the hypocrisy of mocking youth and the pure idiosyncrasies that the generational divide provides. It’s something we feel strongly about as a young band (16 and 17) and we felt we could use our platform to draw some attention to it .”

6.- Cuffs Get Up Get On

The band in their own words:

“The track in basic terms is about a lack of motivation to get up and do anything. It’s about having to drag yourself to do something you don’t enjoy, just to get by. It’s about the drowsy feeling, the woke up late and didn’t have time to eat feeling, the skip showering and feeling oily as hell feeling.”

“If someone is listening to us for the first time, firstly we want to say “thank you. We are a heavy punk band from Bristol, UK. Sometimes introverted, mostly introspective, always pissed off”.”

5.- P.E. Pink Shiver

This is the description that the band already share with the media early this year when this single was released “P.E.’s take on the summer jam: fun, dumb, flirty and coy. Recorded in the height of hilarity, this groove became the place where we would go to goof off. Pink Shiver is a celebration of sexuality, exploration, and the sometimes funny / sometimes perfectly sloppy expression of love and lust. It’s the capital F version of sex: Fun!” I think that we need to keep an eye on these guys for next year.

4.- Haters DEAD

Volatile, fearless and loaded with candid lyricism

“The song is about getting out of a psychiatric hospital and having to completely change my life, losing most of my friends but ending up in a better place”

3.-  Sprints Manifesto

A front women band? That should be enough to catch your attention… right? Raucous and fierce riffs? Raw, honest and authentic lyrics… these guys have it all!!!

2.-   Play Dead Six Hours Later

The youth is the future and these mates are young “We’re a punk band age 16 and got a EP out early next year” and this is their ferocious third single Six Hours Later.

“The song recounts a story of a friend of the band, who came into contact with some ADHD pills. He felt it was in everyone’s best interests to take all of them. He wait a while and nothing happened  so they decide to go home. Six hours later and in bed he started to get the overwhelming feeling that he was going to die.  He had overdosed, he was dying and he had school in the morning. The next day he found a 10 minutes video of him telling friends, including the band that he had accepted defeat and this was the end.”

1.-  Kairos Creature Club

Here’s a Little story about this track that the band share with us:

“Voodoo Success was inspired by a voodoo doll that our roommate brought back to us from New Orleans. We started thinking about all the ways that could go wrong. Shortcuts for material gains via voodoo sounds like the start of a horror movie. We just sort of ran with that idea. It seemed applicable in today’s culture where people are vying for attention, trying to fill a success meter that is measured against the facade of social media. When something is too good to be true, it is. What are the costs and what are the trades for surface level happiness?”

If you’re asking who this band works? I’m glad that have their own words for you “Kairos Creature Club is a collection of songwriters. We collaborate and bring to life each of our ideas. Our songs may have varied sounds, but that’s what excites us.”

The whole 100 tracks are here in this Playlist

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