Have an AI judge your Spotify, or don’t, I did it and it sucked

Have an AI judge your awful taste in music is an algorithm by the website Pudding, which is a groundbreaking journalism vehicle driven by data-centric visual essays. I did their latest project where I had an AI voiced by a chart-posting internet music nerd judge my Spotify, and well, consider it judged.

That’s one of my favorite songs.

Then it asked me “are you okay?”

The song it sent me was ‘Oh Comely’ from in the aeropoane over the sea which needless to say was extremely condescending. I actually like Townes Van Zandt leave me alone!

This one hurt:

Me too. Sorry Frank.

This could have been worse ngl

I actually do buy my mason jar candles from Target so that stung a little.

Don’t drag thanks for coming and Moistbreezy into this tf.

Anyways, this was mean and I hated it. Here’s the link if you hate yourself:


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