If more people don’t read George’s article I’m going to have to let him go

This is in response to George’s post which I think you’ve probably already seen if you’re reading this:

George wrote this article about how his job was on the line because of a passing conversation the other day, and it wasn’t. I was just in a hurry because I was bidding on a high level DT in Madden Mobile that was vastly underpriced, and was going to be in the red soon. But since George brought this up I have looked at his revenue statements, and uh… let’s just say the PS4 will be good for a few more years.

If you haven’t been keeping up, George is a total glutton who’s top read article this year is his well-curated, little overlapped with mine top tracks of the year list:


He also unrelatedly started beef with me for no reason about my blog about my favorite songs on RHCP’s Stadium Arcadium. Frankly, it was a blog I had to write because it flowed out of me like sauce out of the tiny ripped-off corner of a packet of a Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken sauce when squeezed firmly, but I was kind of hoping to set it and forget it, let it die out amidst the other great new indie music being released in the world. But alas, like an embarrassing high-school drinking story that was good-heartedly but ill-situationally brought up at a “casual” dinner with that friend’s parents, my original event that I was hoping to sweep under the rug was inopportunely brought back into public vision.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LIKE George. Did he try to ether me in his incorrect albeit better justified ranking of the songs on Stadium Arcadium? Yes. Did he bother me on my way to a Madden Mobile draft that I ended up losing? Yes. Did he try to take advantage of his sweet mother who generously offered him Oreos by taking five on MOTHER’S DAY(presumably)?!?!?! Yes.

So does that make him a bad person? I don’t know, you tell me, but like, I think so?

Anyways please just read this dude’s blog he needs it now more than ever:


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