New Year, New Me (Kinda)

Hello Indie Pong Community. I would like to start off by saying Happy Friggin’ New Year! This year will be completely different. Everything will change and you know why? New calendars, people. It’s just that easy. 2020 is dead and I will for one am dancing on it’s grave.

I am someone who enjoys a good New Year’s resolution. In the past some highlights have been more spit-takes, read a book, slay (queen), etc. So, I have made a resolution this year, and I think you all should know: In 2021, I will begin to offer a short format, weekly review of new music… You heard that right folks. It’s gonna get crazy and wild. I will still offer the occasional long and drawn out article that I know we all love dearly. These will continue to come out once every month or so as I see fit.

In the past, I wanted to make sure that what I delivered were consistent and well thought out pieces, hence the time that elapsed between each article. That’s over, baby! What to expect now: stream of conciseness, copious spelling and grammatical errors, the occasional shot across the bow at anyone who I deem has disrespected Dehd (literally everyone who didn’t put Flower of Devotion as their number one indie album of the year), and, hopefully, a lot of really good new music.

Oh, and I haven’t settled on an exact day that these will be coming out so just, uh, pay attention, I guess.

With no further ado, my first edition of my weekly blog post:

Side A – Twin Peaks

Okay so new music is relative, and I’m just starting this weekly blog post so I haven’t spent as much time finding new music as I should. I reached back to July 3rd, 2020 to find this absolutely gem of an EP. The Chicago outfit of Twin Peaks have been a personal favorite of mine for a little while now. I love their sound as well as their affinity for Italian Beefs, but I mean who doesn’t love a soggy meat sandwich.

Okay, so full disclosure, I made up the Italian Beef part, but for some reason it just makes sense as this EP is an amalgam of Chicago music scene that I love so dearly, featuring the likes of Ohmme, V.V. Lightbody, and Lala Lala. This album seamlessly melds elements from each of these bands like the hot beef’s melding of meat, au jus, giardiniera, and sweet peppers. An already well-established band, Twin Peaks, created a whole EP with the sole purpose to elevate other Chicago bands. It’s really wonderful and now I’m hungry.

What’s the Matter – I’m getting some serious Dr. Dog vibes on this. It’s like they took a track off of Shame Shame and then put it through some vocal aftereffects. Also, hearing a bit of Houndmouth as well. This song is just a groove to me. Throw me in a car with the windows down and this song playing and we are good to go. Also, there’s some flute action in there which gets ya boy GOING. A very solid track that has been in continuous rotation for a bit.

Any More Than You Want – This song made it into my honorable mentions on my songs of the year list. The guitar in this song is dripping with Beatle’s influence, and I am fully here for it. If someone told me this song was recorded between 1964-1972, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised in the least bit. It’s a great example of what Twin Peaks has to offer and it is a great jumping off point for any new fan.

I hope you all enjoyed this. And to my other Indie Pong writers who did not post Flower of Devotion in your top albums of 2020, “Watch your back”. LOVE YOU!

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