Female Rising Stars

January 06 2021

New Year… New Project… The first post in this 2021 Hopping that you are okay and thinking about the fact that I’m a sucker for female voices I start curating this Playlist with some great artists that might be out of your sight or maybe not but anyway you should enjoy this as much as I do .

Let’s take a look at some of the newest additions or some of the tracks that I find really interesting (as usual in my case some of these chicks are really unknown yet and brand new music)

1.-  Ellaly Ice Cream

2.- S.F.H. G

3.- Moza Kaliza  Born Like This

4.- Llynks Alive

 5.-   Loose T. Brexit

6.-  Emma Garriot Everything and Nothing

7.- Alex Amor Motion

8.- Mivedrix Scarlet Tears

9.- Marty Crown Queen of Sadness

10.- Scarlet Rose Dance With The Fairies

This is the Spotify Playlist that is updated constantly

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Enjoy it and stay tuned and safe!!!

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