Debut Bands (Off The Radar) 2021

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January 09, 2021

Hi, What about your 2021 free trial period? Is it any good? Cheer up… let focus on the good stuff we have (sure we have good things going on around us, only need to look closer), let’s focus on our thing right, the music!!!

More precisely the new music released this year but let’s go a little deeper with the debut bands so far this year, I have some really cool things for you ready?

1.- Odd Postures Gymnasium released January 8

2.- The Haunted Youth Teen Rebel released January 8

3.- Rachika Nayar The Trembling Of Glass Released January 6

4 Badwan/Coxon Boiling Point out via Tough Love Records Released January 6

5.- Drake Elliott Pause out via Master Control Audio Released January 5

6.-  Lyon Tide Tide Closure Released January 01

7.- Arbor Green Green Margart Released January 01

Remember that you can always find me here Linktree Jpgchief for all my social media and collaborations.

This is the Spotify Playlist that is updated constantly (right now still tracks from last year for a few more weeks days…eventually only debut bands from 2021).

Enjoy it and stay tuned and keep safe and sound!!!

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