Artists To Watch 2021

Despite all the chaos, a lot of great music came out of 2020 (read Mates’ Best Gems of 2020). Here at Indie Pong, we have high hopes for 2021 and the quarantine induced tunes we’re about to bear witness to. Keep reading to see some of our individual picks for Artist To Watch.

Classy Cassie‘s Pick: Jean Dawson

Refusing to play by the rules of the game, genre-bending and chaos inspired Jean Dawson worked hard on evolving his sound with releases over the last couple years. With increasing successes, I’m putting my money on Jean Dawson as the biggest come up of 2021.

jpgchief’s Pick: Volk

Our resident new music guru jpgchief recommends Volk as the artist to watch for 2021. When jpgchief talks new music, we listen. Read more about what he has to say about Volk in his article from last month, Introducing To….Volk!

Amber On The Radio’s Pick: Maddie Medley

Medley says “If I have one hope for my music, it’s that it provides some kind of healing for people, and maybe helps them to understand themselves better”. Amber picked her for her mesmerizing vocals, lyrics rich with emotion, and badass guitar playing! One of our newest bloggers, get ready to feel sentimental about the holidays being over by catching her latest article the tea on twang *festivus edition*.

Karl Octagon’s Pick: Silver Sphere

Big on the Tik Tok scene, Karl has his money on Silver Sphere for 2021. Read more about The God-Tier Pop Eargasms Karl put together at the end of last year for more insight into his music taste.

George Folz’s Pick: Stove God Cooks

Stove God Cooks gives me hope for wordplay, and lyricism coming into vogue once again. This kid can R-A-P. Here’s to him bending enough ears to shifts tastes, when he inevitably makes his splash within the mainstream.❤️ Read the latest Tuesday Time Machine from George – he really knows how to throw it back.

For some top hits from 2020, check out the Indie Pong 2020 playlist.

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