Listening Party: “Bell Boy” by The Moondrops

This song is so unbelievably chill. When listening I can feel someone gently massaging my scalp, while burning essential oils. My room is 50% dimmer now, and there’s a mandala tapestry hanging from my wall. 

Do I know how it got there?


Do I love it?


I’m not sure if there is an indie whisper anthem yet, but if there’s not I would like to nominate “Bell Boy”. This song envelops me like a tie-dyed satin robe. This song is a sherpa lined jacket on a cloudy 56 degree day. From the Real Estate-esque opening riff, through the 2:19 mark I am in a full-blown trance state. The song continues to pull me in closer and closer, absorbing me into its warmth and subtle power.

At the 2:19 mark the song begins to flip itself on its head. Where we once had calm and restrained whisper indie, we now have a slow burn in its place. Slowly it brings us up from our seats as it gains momentum. We keep going, as we build to our peak. Then, here it is, another Real Estate influenced riff, a little reverb for the homies, and finally the release. We coast to the end of the song, riding high on solos, distortion, and pounding drums until it all cuts out very immediately.

What a jam.

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