New Music Flavor – Dante Elephante “Mid-Century Modern Romance”

I am a bit partial to Ruben Zarate (the human behind Dante Elephante) since we share the same hometown, but don’t let my bias fool you, Mid-Century Modern Romance is a must listen no matter where you’re from. The title of the album heavily prepares you for what you’re about to hear and experience, everything else I say is just additive word vomit.

Smooth, disco infused melodies paired with positive and love filled messaging – this 26 minute long album will only take up a small portion of your day, but will leave you feeling great for days. Be prepared to get groovy and get happy.

The first track on the album “Find Somebody to Love” is some classic feel good music that transports you to another era, but also feels like a hilarious personal attack in the best way possible. The lyrics literally say “so don’t stay at home, waiting all alone – go find love, you’ve got time“. RUBEN I AM TRYING but I also really appreciate the support. Some us of single folk really do sit here expecting the love of our life to show up at the door. (Um hello, isn’t the next delivery man going to be my forever person?)

“Jeni” is an obvious call out from this album as it’s groovy and written about his real life girlfriend, Jeni. Here’s a lyric video of the two of them eating delicious food. As one of three Indie Pong members who joined on Instagram Live earlier this pandemic and just ate pizza in front of y’all, I really appreciate this.

“Santa Barbara” is another favorite, especially if you watch the below lyric video. As a fellow native of the beach town, I’m geeking out on experiencing this video taking me for a cruise along Cabrillo BLVD.

Dante Elephante has been a local town favorite of Santa Barbara since his debut album German Aquatics in 2013. Now that Ruben has established the name as his solo career, you can really witness his evolution and growth as his sound and style materialize. Another artist to keep tabs on as you go about your life, I expect nothing but more great tunage from Dante Elephante in the future.

For fans of Sundara Karma, Magic City Hippies, Twin Peaks, mmmonika, Night Riots, Royaljag, Dayglow, and just general good vibes.

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  1. I dropped a needle on this and just couldn’t get past his voice sounding like I had the LP on the wrong speed. This was a bust for me.

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