‘Magic Mirror’ – Pearl Charles

This album is AMAZING. Everyone and their HBOMax password leeches know that Wrap Around Joy is my significant other, and this gives me some major Wrap Around Joy vibes. With, in Pearl Charles fashion, a breezy twang to boot.

I may be stepping on our resident twang expert Amber’s toes here but this album deserves attention. It comes out of the gates piping hot with ‘Only for Tonight’ which sounds like Abba and Stevie Wonder made a City Pop song in Nashville.

That’s what I love about Pearl’s music, it seamlessly blurs genre lines in a fun and organic way.

My introduction to Pearl’s music actually happened in person at a Smith Westerns (I think? Maybe Youth Lagoon?) show at The Echo in 2011 (I think). It was a brief encounter, after which I checked out her music which showed great promise.

So we’ve met, but I don’t know Pearl personally at all. However one thing you don’t need a telescope to see is growth, and Pearl has grown an astounding amount since I first heard her music in 2011. Each release just keeps getting better, and I think she’s finally hit her stride in a more commercial way. Seriously, there are no skips on this record. Here’s the single:

And then here’s my favorite older Pearl Charles track:

First ‘on repeat’ album of 2021 for me. Onward!

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