Listening Party – “Nice Guys” by Beach Bunny

<<Air Horn Sound>> We have some new Beach Bunny, people!!! 

I have been talking Mates’s and my girlfriend’s ear off about this all week (yes, they are different people), and I think they both want to kill me. But, I don’t care, because unlike the antagonists in the song, I am a self-aware asshole, who is completely unbothered. So, break out some pink shit and grab your spiked bat. We are hitting the streets and we are going to beat the shit out of any “nice guy” we find. 

“I’m probably different from the other guys you’ve dated.” 

Front kick to the knee cap.

“I think you’re really great, I’m just not looking to be tied down.” 

Knuckle sandwich.

“Your personality looks so good in that shirt.”

Knee to the abdomen, uppercut  to the jaw.

“I’m a really nice guy.”


This song is a warning to all of you self-proclaimed “nice guys” out there. You’re a bunch of f*ckboys in flannel, shitheads in knit sweaters, the patriarchy in periwinkle, clots in cardigans, skanks in scarves. We are on to you, and we will destroy you. But first, we mosh.

When Lili Trifilio came onto the twittersphere and proclaimed that her new music was a reflection of a much healthier mindset, I got a bit nervous. I’m all here for self growth, don’t get me wrong. But, selfishly I love some good and angsty, aggressive punk and I feel that slipping away every time I hear the buzz words: positive mindset and happiness. Good thing I was wrong! These songs are damn angsty and aggressive, but now they are from a place that is substantially more empowered. Check out the whole EP, it’s solid.

Also, Lili owns a sword now so f*ck around and find out, nice boys. 

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