Madlib and Four Tet- “Dirtknock”

Before we get into this COOKER that two underground stalwarts dropped late last night, I feel like our dear Indie Pong readers deserve to have the elephant in the room addressed, and I have do some good old-fashioned, lapsed Catholic repenting.

Mates clapped back, folks.

It was pretty tough, and Daw and I had to regroup this morning.

Fearing that this could turn into an ALL-OUT war, if we call up the reserves, we’re gonna turn the page, in the interest of the greater good.

To be clear, it’s not like T. Ridge put up a W or anything, but we’re here to talk about the music, you know?

Irregardless, as some of you know, beat maestros Four Tet and Madlib have an album coming out this year.

Both men deal in texture and minimalism, with a very keen ear for rhythm.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that this single shows both of them in fine form.

Boasting drums that could have come from either of their hands, the song masterfully manages to somehow lurch-in-place, without ever really moving forward for just over two minutes.

To be clear– that’s both an oversimplification, and a compliment. What they do here is VERY difficult, and even trickier to keep interesting, but they two pull it off with effortless aplomb.

“Dare Iz A Darkside”-era Redman, and Madlib’s late collaborator MF DOOM would both go BANANAS over this beat. In fact, I feel like all I’m gonna be thinking about that for the rest of the day, and it might disrupt my workflow.

In any case, while a buttery female vocal sample bookends either end of the track, this song is otherwise, mostly just about about a bow-legged-ass bassline, chickenscratch guitar, and drums that compliment both.

I couldn’t be more excited for when their full album drops at the end of the month.

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