Listening Party – “Doctor Man” by Flesh Panthers

Flesh Panthers is a ROCK band. We don’t play indie rock or synth pop or any second rate music shit. We chug beer and play power chords!

-Flesh Panthers

F*cking a-right my dudes, couldn’t agree more.

I am here to introduce, or possibly reintroduce, you all to one of the hardest working bands in the midwest, Flesh Panthers. My first exposure to the Flesh Panthers was their 2016 album, Willows Weep. This album dripped Chicago DIY and gave me a lot of Twin Peaks vibes. I’m sure every band in the DIY scene is getting sick of this comparison btw, but it just makes me such a happy lad. This, however, is not that.

Something feels starkly different about “Doctor Man”… 

Legend has it that one day in mid-March, Flesh Panther took LSD on an adventure through the jungles of Nepal. There they met their spirit guide, a wild panther, named Shubhu. Shubhu guided them through the dense vegetation to a bubbling stream at the base of a Bodhi tree, as old as the jungle itself. Here, the Chicago DIY mainstay, Flesh Panther, baptized themselves in all things rock and roll. They cheersed old styles as Jupiter and Saturn entered into The Great Conjunction. At that very moment their sideburns grew 3 centimeters longer and their pants gently flared at the base.

When they arrived back on American soil, Flesh Panther went straight to the studio to record a topical CoronaVirus themed piece, and, as they say, the rest is history.

I have no reference to say there is even the smallest sliver of truth to this story. But, listen to Doctor Man carefully and maybe, just maybe, you can hear the majestic, Shubhu, murmuring the low growl of a backing vocals beneath the 70’s inspired wah pedals and driving bass. As the solo ensues you too will grow sideburns that will make children cry and women swoon. This is the gift that Flesh Panther has bestowed upon you. Use it wisely or it will ultimately crush you.

The power of rock and roll is alive, and it will break a bottle over your head if you look at it the wrong way.


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