Listening Party – “Difficult Machinery” by Veik

Happy Saturday, friends! Look at me, a day late and a dollar short. Whatever, who cares. I’m completely unbothered, because I’ve been riding a high all week on an Indie Pong Power Trip (trademark pending). It’s been lovely. In case you missed last week’s edition of Listening Party, here’s the recap:

In a brazen attempt at a shake up of Indie Pong, I manifested a dry February for Brian Mates. There were questions on if I misheard Mates claim he was taking a dry February, or if this was a purposeful attempt to ruin any fun that Mates may have on Super Bowl Sunday and the weeks following. Let me be completely crystal clear: I misheard NOTHING. I am a very purposeful man.

Luckily for Mates, I will not be using my new found power over his personal life again… well, at least not this week. Stay tuned for more.

Anyways, to the article:

I asked Mates for a recommendation this week. He provided me with an absolutely fire track, “Sensitive” by Serena Isioma. I had an article ready to go and was super pumped. It was a masterpiece. Then, I thought to myself, “When did this come out? I’m surprised I didn’t come across this at all this past week.” I went to check Spotify… JANUARY 29th, 2020!!! Nice try Mates. Trying to undermine my credibility as the new music this week guy. I see you pal. Message received.

Next time you try to come for the king you best not miss. (Starts a new page in my “Mates’ Punishment Vision Board” notebook).

So, now I’m off to my own devices. I scoured the web for hours. Checking blogs, searching single release dates, asking strangers on the street if they had released any new singles. Hours turned into days. Morning to afternoon to night. I was lost. Little did I know our own jpgcheif had me covered the whole time and I had been naive to think I could do this on my own. So, I hopped on to the Fresh Singles playlist and I found an absolute USDA Certified Bop: “Difficult Machinery” by Veik. 

For this song we are taking a little trip across the pond to a little place called France. Heard of it? This song is the first single off of Veik’s debut album, “Surrounding Structures” which will be released on April 30th. This song is a snowy day and a fire in the fireplace. You have some nice warm socks on and you’re snuggling into a blanket as you sip some hot coco that your mom made you. All the sudden outside the snow starts to let up. As the guitar peeks out its head from behind the bass-line, so does the sun from behind the clouds. 

There is something so calming and entrancing about this song. I’m really into it. I’m getting overwhelming 80’s goth rock vibes with a little bit of LCD Soundsystem sprinkled in to get your body moving. I want to dance to this song in a basement somewhere with people with names like Sven and Dimitri. I’m not sure why but I think that would be a blast. Enjoy the song, and please find your own Sven and Dimitri, my boys just wanna dance.

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