Nobody bother me, there’s a new Black Dresses album

And it’s fire. Seriously, nobody bother me. I’m not going to say specific names but I’m specifically talking about George, Daw, and Cassie who seem to bother me the most. George and Brandon recently started a column together which is scary as hell not just because of the sheer music knowledge that their combined brains have to offer, but also because these two dudes might literally open up the gates to rock hell when you combine their affinity for the heavy hitting genres (metal, prog, post-rock). The picture is hilarious though, I’m here for it.

Then there’s Daw. He’s pretty harmless like a wide-eyed Eighth grader waiting in line to fill his camelback at Lollapalooza, but every once in a while he wins. And it sucks. Most recently Daw manipulated me into doing dry February but the joke’s on him because I LOVE it and it’s definitely not boring.

Then there’s Cassie… where do I even begin. Always working her ass off and texting me new ideas and marketing concepts, and writing clever articles like this Valentine’s one where she made dating profiles for all of the new singles of the week that everyone loved… don’t you know I have a BLACK DRESSES album to listen to?!

Anyways, I can’t be bothered, because this album (Forever In Your Heart) is amazing. I have a long history of loving Black Dresses and was devastated when my trip to New York to see them play with Sleigh Bells (and like… to see my sister graduate or whatever) got cancelled and was even MORE devastated when they broke up. Unfortunately they are not back together, just releasing new music (sad) but we will take what we can get.

Now, this is Black Dresses we are talking about, so not something you’d be applauded for playing at your little cousin’s Bat Mitzvah party, but for us fans, this album is huge. Let’s dig in.

My two favorite songs were “We’ll Figure It Out” which goes SO hard:

and “Waiting42morro” which is gorgeous and powerful:

And speaking of powerful… that last track… wow. Really hammers in one of the pertinent themes of this album, the emptiness we can feel as adults vs the endless hope and optimism we used to feel as kids.

The most adventurous track for me was “Bulldozer” which inserts non-musical sound effects and blends them seamlessly (for me at least) into the chorus. Very cool.

And then my final favorite: “Heaven”

Amazing album, very excited about it. Now I would be remissed if I didn’t mention my favorite Black Dresses album, 2019’s “Love and Affection for Stupid Little Bitches”. Check it out, particularly My Heart Beats Out of Time ;).

So anyways nobody bother me…

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