Listening Party (Mates’ Birthday Edition) – “Half a Human” by Real Estate

So, this article is coming in on February 28th. It’s the last day of the month. Mates has done it. A dry February behind him, and staring down the barrel of the glory lap of his 20s. Mates is riding high, people. 

HAPPY FRIGGIN’ BIRTHDAY DUDE. Thank you so much Mates. Thanks for making indiepong a fun experience, and thanks for sending me random music links at all hours of the days. You’re a cool dude, and a great friend. Have a beer on me tomorrow. 

That brings me to my next point actually… It’s weird how that goes sometimes. I FORMALLY CHALLENGE MATES TO A SHOTGUN-OFF. As a courtesy, I’ll provide the light beer. Mates used to pride himself in high school on his shotgunning abilities, but it’s been a decade now. This isn’t a youngmans game. Also, since Mates has been out of the midwest for a while people have been wondering, “Does he still have what it takes?” 

Only one way to find out I guess…

In the meantime, I have some more brand new tunes for you. On the 24th Domino records announced something that is pretty cool. Real Estate is releasing an EP entitled Half a Human, along with an accompanying video for the title track. This video is pretty cool, pretty weird. I’m into it a lot.

This song is very dad rock to me. I’m talking about a new balance and miller lite dad rock. We just finished up a game of 16-inch and we’re ready to cool down with the fellas. I tune into Q101. What comes over the old airwaves but, Real Estate’s “Half Human”. In unison, the members of the Robert Crown Softball League juggernaut, Beer Hand Catch, start bobbing your heads and tapping your toes. 

It’s a vibe, to say the least. I love Real Estate. This song is relaxing, interesting, and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love how the song builds to the 2:43 mark and then quickly falls out to a soundscape of airy solos, silky basslines, and pillow soft drum fills. It all makes me want to go outside and smile at strangers. I’m wearing a mask so it’s all in the eyes baby.

See ya soon Mates!



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