TBT – 5 bangers that aren’t on Spotify

I was scrolling through my iTunes (‘member?) and came across some old bangers.

‘Chi Don’t Dance’ – BBU

When I was in college we overplayed this to DEEAAAAAAATH. I forgot how hard this goes.

‘Oh! (The Good Girls Gone Gooder)’ – Miro Belle

I have a special bond with this song, because it was in my first feature screenplay. I was also an indie scavenger, finding these little nuggets strewn across the internet.

‘Track 2′ – 3re’ Holla

Alright Indie Pong community, I need your help. Does anyone know who this man is? Some dude gave me his mixtape on street one time and it ended up being fire, but I was never able to find him online after. The album is called Buckey Starzz 2.2. Anyways, this song is dope.

‘Wheels’ – C O Y O T E S

My friend was the drummer for this band Coyotes, and this EP Cosmic in the Bandlands was my soundtrack for all of 2013 and beyond.

‘Look At The Sky’ – Flosstradamus, Deniro Farrar

Goes hard.

‘Animal In The Sky’ – Kono Michi

This one kind of disappeared off the face of the earth, loved this track.

You’re welcome.

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