Listening Party – “Trophy” by Crumb


So, I’m out here in my hometown of Chicago (Go Bears) and it’s been a little wild. It’s Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, and people are getting “Fuck the Monarchy” drunk. 

If there’s anything you need to know about Chicago during the month of March it’s that we love dying shit green and getting irresponsibly drunk. Love to see it. 

Oh, and the city also smells like cabbage farts for about a week and a half. Love to see it a little less, but oh well.

I live in a pretty bustling part of the city, so I decided to have a friend and his girlfriend over to grill and people watch from my backyard. We are hanging outside cheffing up some real good stuff and having a few brewskis. 

A car pulls up. Everyone in the car is dressed in head to toe green and are either decently drunk or extremely annoying. Regardless, the neighbors start to gather. So at this time it’s myself, my two friends, our neighbors and a slowly growing gaggle of elementary school-aged children materializing in adjacent yards and decks. 

Seemingly oblivious to her captivated crowd, the front passenger decides that now is a good time to change her pants. Folks, her door was slightly ajar. Yeah. As she is leaning against the door it pops open and she is ejected from the car with her pants around her ankles, as buck naked as a David Byrne song.

Did she pull those pants up right away? Nah, at that moment she decided today was the day that she made the Lincoln Park neighborhood her own personal nudist colony. Fortunately for her, the police had bigger fish to fry and she was able to do her thing. Unfortunately the children were completely unprepared, and may have experienced some very mild trauma. 

So, I decided then and there that this week I’m doing this article about a nice calm and relaxing track to hopefully offset some of the drama that we all endured this weekend. It’s time to heal.

Crumb is a band that I’ve been super in to for a couple years now. In the past I’ve described this Brooklyn outfit as, “former high school jazz band members who got really into mushrooms”. I stand by this for their first two EP’s, Locket and Crumb. But something is just a bit different about this new track.

This song is understated, relaxed, and powerful. I friggin love lead singer Lila Rimani’s voice. It’s calming and soft, but then you’re hit with that touch of vocal distortion that adds some layers. This song is like a little sonic tiramisu. Layers, people. I’m talking flavor development. I’m talking something that makes me feel better than I did before I listened to it.

I knew this song was perfect to help these kids out. In the words of Lila Rimani, “That’s just the way it goes”. In the words of me, “Eat some tiramisu. It’ll make you feel nice.”

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