Listening Party: “Ziplock” by Saba and “Cigarette Packet” by Sorry

Ahem, is this thing on (tap, tap, tap). I would like to, um, apologize… FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Aha, eat it nerds!

I have been a bit preoccupied the past two weeks enjoying the weather, and enjoying the presence of my wonderful girlfriend, who is spending the next several weeks in the land of hot beefs and cold winds. So, to make it up, this week I’ll be gracing all of you with not one, but two very different but equally enjoyable tracks.

I do this for free so complain to the manager all you want. 

My first track I wanted to show you is from Chicago’s own, Saba. Saba has been That Guy in Chicago for a little bit. He burst on the scene in 2013 with one of the best verses on Chance’s Acid Rap project on “Everbody’s Something” and hasn’t looked back since. Saba’s sing-song delivery, varied cadences, and clever wordplay is on full display in the laid back and relaxed “Ziplock”. Pair that with a stripped down piano-driven beat and we are dripping power. 

This song reads like a good therapy session: 

In verse one Saba introduces us to where he is right now and the difficulties that come with addressing his past and where he comes from. A quick shout out to Westside Bound 3 “I come from the part of town not talked about, but chalk get outlined if you blink”, almost reminds me of a Kick Push II, where we see that yin to the yang of the first, more upbeat track. 

In verse two we hear Saba moving forward and talking about where he is now juxtaposed with where he is going. Wondering aloud, Saba displays a new layer to the listener as he describes shortfalls that he feels like he has had in the past, as well as his vision moving forward. In this verse Saba describes letting go of his fear as he finds ways to fully articulate the emotional depth that he brings to projects moving forward.

Okay, now that we are in our feelings a bit, I wanted to speed it up and give us something to vigorously move our bodies to. I made my way back to ol’ trusty: Domino Records for this one. “Cigarette Packet” by North London’s Sorry is a jam and I need everyone to know. I’m getting LCD Soundsystem in a manic state vibes with this track. James Murphy is in New York in the 90’s and just drank a few energy drinks before hopping on the ones and twos type shit.

My favorite thing about this song, besides the pure unbridled energy and my insatiable need to dance shirtless to it? Cowbells, baby. And lots of em. They are a siren call drawing me in. How did I get a cigarette in my hand… But I quit? What’s ‘appening. I have a dodgy haircut and am dressed much more fashionably. Norf London bruv. Good old Arsenal. 

You get it? I turned British. I’m British now.

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