It’s Been a Hectic Week feat. New Danny Brown!

So, the title really says it all. It’s been quite the week, people.

A quick recap:

  • I was nervous that I was getting the Axe so I wrote an article pleading my case. I included some of the most indie indie tracks that I love. If I say so myself, it was a hell of a read. Unfortunately, it seems that my article inadvertently put the target on my own back, and lead to Mates doing some deep digging on if I am truly indie, or if I only listen to bands from Twin Peaks Radio.
  • Subsequently, Mates stalked by listening habits from 2020 and put me on blast for only listening to local Chicago bands. This must be because he’s jealous that I’m pretty. Honestly, I don’t blame him. I am extremely good looking, and funny, and I am momma’s best boy. It all checks out. Mates, your jealousy is valid and fair. I empathize with you and am here for you to provide any fashion advice and/or provide any Spotify links to fire Chicago bands. Hm, that should do it.
  • I finally got my graduate’s degree conferred. So, from now on I would like to be referred to as “Daw M. Ed.”, or “Master Daw” for short. Oh, and from now on I would prefer it if no one looks me directly in my eyes and curtsies upon my entry to any room. Thank you!
  • Finally, just today, after all of this up and down I saw on my Spotify that Danny Brown had released a new song!!!

^As you can see I’m pumped^

So, I was perusing my Twin Peaks Radio Spotify Release Radar and I came across some new Danny Brown heat. As someone who occasionally dabbles in skinny jeans and room temp PBR, I love Danny Brown. I was jazzed. The song is entitled “Man Sitting In the White House”.

Oh a political track? I’m interested, though skeptical. I toss it on and brace myself for a patented “CHECK”. But, what do I hear? Slide guitar, an off tune southern drawl backed by garage band drums? Apparently, Danny Brown is trying something new.

So, hmmm… This is not the direction I was thinking that Detroits greatest hipster rapper would take. I for one am surprised. I would describe this song as Q Anon making a diarrhea on a Waylon Jennings b-side. Yeah that will about do it 🙂

This apparently is some white dude name Danny Brown who is hot garbage but slipped through the Spotify algorithm some how. He sucks at singing, his beard is uneven and I don’t respect his views nor do I think they are found in any semblance of reality. But I am supposed to make my indiepong articles something that is uplifting and positive. It’s literally the only rule besides that we aren’t allowed to say fuck. So, let me end this one on a positive!

White Danny Brown, I really appreciate that your hat seems to be the same material as basketball shorts. It provides for a lot of breathability for the concaved bit of skull where your brain is supposed to be. Nailed it!

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