“majikaL girlfrienD​+​*​.​!” – LoneMoon

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OMGGGGGGGGGoodness this album is awesome. LoneMoon does it again with another absolute banger of an album in the follow up to Indie Pong-acclaimed album “kit@Nai”, which I was fortunate enough to interview LoneMoon AKA Luna about last year in one of my favorite interviews to date.

This is one of those albums where every single song is good but here are my favorites:


Sucker for the SLOW SONGS!


Since we’re grooving can we hit some Naw Naw real quick?

“ang3L oF dE@th” – this song…:

Anyways, here’s the full album on Spotify and if you want to contribute, consider buying the album on Bandcamp or donating to the fund to support Luna’s transition:


That would be subarashii 🙂

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