Listening Party – “Situations” by Wombo

Hey you guys! Welcome back to my weekly installment of Listening Party. I got some funky stuff for you people today, and am looking forward to it. Some real weird-brain type vibes. I usually start these off with some sort of little ditty from what’s happening with me or some story I found funny, but nothing is really coming to mind today. So, here’s a top ten list. People love a top ten list.

Top Ten Weird Shit I Found on Facebook Marketplace Today:

10) Bicycle, no back wheel, def not suspicious…

9) Used women’s underwear

8) 1$ tattoo. What a steal

7) 30 empty christmas themed Coca-Cola bottles

6) A poor condition Detlef Schrempf rookie card (might have to scoop)

5) $100 for 4 pairs of yeezys that seem very legit – size 8.5

4) Edibles sold by someone who is definitely not a cop

3) A motorcycle that has been converted to an indoor planting pot. Nothing says edgy like a Monstera plant in a well lit room

2) 1 room for rent that, I shit you not, is literally someone’s screened in porch

1) A reasonably priced Porsche Cayenne

Ah, that’s the content we all love and deserve. Now, sticking with the theme of weird shit, let’s check out our song for the week!

This week I was perusing the Fire Talk New Singles spotify playlist, since it is one of my favorite record companies at the moment. I mean… Dehd releases their stuff on Fire Talk sooooo yeah. I stumbled across a new band that I had yet to hear, Wombo. Wombo is a very mustache forward band. This is something that brings me comfort and reminds me of home (Go Bears). So, I decided to give them a peak. 

Wombo is a band from Louisville Kentucky, but they may as well be from Mars. This band is into some weird stuff, but if you couldn’t tell from my top ten list earlier, I like weird. 

“Situations” is a double scoop of funky shit, complete with a hefty dose of instrumental breaks sprinkled on top. Toss in the cherry that is driving baselines and guitar riffs that oscillate between barebones and wall of sound. Boom, you got yourself a Wombo-split just in time to bring us in to Memorial Day weekend (next week), because f**k Mondays.

Now, I want to specifically talk about the bassline in this song. The bass in this song is really something special. Going between a drone and a walking bassline, it takes us by the hand as it feverishly rushes us through the song. Even as walls of falsetto come crashing down over selectively plucked strings, the bass carries forward. It looks back at me, “NO MAN LEFT BEHIND, BROTHER!” We carry on. The bass keeps me safe, and to me that is beautiful.

Finally, as the song comes to a close, the bassline turns out the lights and tucks me in. With a pat on my head it says, “The little guy’s all tuckered out”.

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