Listening Party Returns – Dehd “Desire (Lala Lala Remix)”

It’s great to see you all again. As you may remember I have been repeatedly slandered; catching it from all sides. As a proud and active union member, I did what I had to do. I went on strike.

I had one demand: the respect of my superiors for my outstanding picks for the Song of Summer Series. It was and is a BIG DEAL.

My strike consisted of wearing a lot of sleeveless shirts to engage my inner power, repeatedly texting George, “Eat shit, Scab”, and most of all I listened to a lot of good new music and I told absolutely NO ONE.

Mates and Classy Cassie held their line. Not once was I texted to return to work. On a bachelor party with Mates I even attempted to mend fences and engage in good will negotiations in the spirit of matrimony and togetherness. Mates replied, “No way dude, you’re on strike! Lol that’s so random! I didn’t even notice.”

Hard ball. Didn’t have Mates pegged as an Art of the Deal man, but here we are.

In the end, I had to do what I had to do. Sometimes the strongest move you can make is exposing your belly and peeing in the air to signify complete subservience to the big dogs.

So, long story short, I’m back baby. Tail between my legs and covered in my own mess, but I’m back. Stronger than ever, people!

Let’s talk about some new tunes. In my opinion there is really only one way to come back. Gimme a Vienna Red Hot and throw some salty salty yellow mustard on there. We are heading to the Windy City pals.

Specifically, we are talking about two of my favorite artists out right now, Dehd (insert link to fancam) and Lala Lala.

Dehd has been slowly releasing remixes to their absolute BOP of an album, “Flower of Devotion”. Their most recent collab is just something special and I couldn’t contain it anymore.

This remix should be played in every single movie when the main character is walking away from their first love. Each heavy step is a punch of a piano key. The time just wasn’t right, and they were crushed. A crash of thunder and it begins raining as we slow pan to our dejected protagonist.


Ya know, when I first heard Dehd’s original rendition of Desire and I got to the bridge in the song where Emily Kempf repeats “You are my dream”. I thought to myself, “This is just so inefficient.” Apparently, Lala Lala agreed. And let me tell you, the looping and layering of this single mantra was such a wonderful touch. It brings texture and build through the song.

Anyways, enough of that sad boy shit. This is a dance album so dance people! I’m back, Dehd is back, and Lala Lala is serving (hot shit). I’m excited to again consistently blog. I’m here, bottom of the pack and HUNGRY.

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