Daw thought David Bowie’s “Heroes” was by U2

We were at George’s brother’s wedding trying on our tuxes, and “Heroes” by David Bowie started playing. Daw turned to me and said “U2 actually has some good songs.” I looked back in disbelief, it seemed too good to be true.

I put together two different playlists for the occasion. One was a playlist for the bachelor party:

Which was just straight hitters, all of George’s brother Jack’s favorite songs, from Creed to Fishmans. I was then asked to put together a playlist for the pre-wedding festivities, but with the important little nugget of information that the bride’s dad would be joining us. My first thought was him calling off the wedding upon hearing “Fuckin Around” by 100s and realizing that Jack is a certified freak, so I made some edits (a lot of edits) and it left us with a lot of classic rock and innocuous indie pop songs.

So I look back at Daw and asked “Do you think this is by U2” and he said “Isn’t it?”… what an idiot. Just an absolute fool. Truly a shameful moment for Daw that is now immortalized in writing on the greatest indie music blog on the planet.

Also it’s Daw’s birthday today, happy birthday Daw!

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