This Eli Apple Diss Track is Savage

That was a brutal superbowl for Cincinnati fans like my friend Jake or my Cinci native dad who is still relishing the Pete Rose Reds. Tough times.

Can we talk about this diss track tho, absolute kill shot:


If you read the original blog I guess the whole NFL hates him, didn’t know. You can just hear the malice in this as it blows coverage out your speakers.

Bummer, was rooting for the Bengals, but this isn’t a sports blog so I’ll leave it alone.

This was a ram horn to the gut of Eli Apple for sure, but it’s still nowhere close to the best sports diss track of all time:

Also, since we’re here I guess we need to talk about the possibly greatest halftime show of all time?

It was near perfect. I could have used more Paak, but it was just great to see his smiling face. It was honestly kind of hard to watch Em follow Kendrick bc Kendrick from LA and absolutely crushed it, but I also get it. Could have also used a little more homage to Tupac, but the opening notes to this before Still D.R.E. were at least something:

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