Interviews with Unknown Artists presents Josh Dominguez: Air It Out (1/4)

Mijo pt. 1 – Josh Dominguez

The final notes ring out, as Josh Dominguez’s concluding moments of his latest single, Air It Out, quiets the buzz and clamor of the Peppermint Club crowd.  A spell was cast through the track’s confluence of honest candor and lounge jazz, allowing for a moment of silence amongst the audience as Josh delivers the song’s closing message: “Dark rooms aren’t funny things— Air It Out.”  He looks out upon the crowd from center stage, allowing the silence to hang for a few beats longer, before addressing them— “We all have demons. No matter where you come from.” 

            His softness fades into a scowl, foreshadowing the tone of his next original performance, Doubt— featuring Atlanta-based rapper and known collaborator of Dominguez, T.R.3.  He makes his way on to the stage to perform the track alongside Josh.  The backing track begins, enveloping the crowd in the sound of a cold, emerging wind and lone violin.  The stage lights dim down to a blood red tint, setting the tone for the quiet, unhinged madness needed in order to properly introduce the audience to the darker sides of their minds.

                           *                                             *                                                *

        The power of unbridled passions can take the shape of true artistry over time.  There’s an honesty in Josh Dominguez’s energy—a blend of chicano charisma, blind confidence, and strong moral fortitude.  His entire person is evident in his musicality and artistic choices, ignited by a duality that blurs the lines between Dominguez’s art and his personal life.

            In 2018, Josh Dominguez dropped his debut single, entitled, First Encounters—a gritty glance at first love, packing a strong, relatable lyrical gravitas.

            Later that year, he’d follow First Encounters with two singles— Looking for Me and 2AM— tone-driven tracks built around jazz, that set the stage for his trademark style and the debut of his first time EP, The Current.

Featured Single from The Current EP (2019):
‘All Night’ – Josh Dominguez (Music Video)

“I never want to fight where life is taking me.  I just want to explore through this art form, and see where it       takes me,” stated Dominguez. 

His music is his story.  It’s an active illustration that art is held in the same category as air to Josh Dominguez—the lack of either is lethal. 

“Being an independent artist is all about self-empowerment.  You need to be your own biggest fan,” Dominguez added.  “By allowing my best self to take the driver’s seat, I’ve grown more confident in my ability and awareness to tell my story in a relatable, artistic way — drawing from the good and the bad experiences in my life and allowing the duality to drive my music and storytelling.

Dominguez’s latest single ‘Mijo: Pt. 1’ drops TODAY, August 7th, and is available on all streaming platforms.  Link available below– don’t miss out.

Josh Dominguez – Mijo Pt. 1

More to come on this emerging talent soon.  Stay posted.