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The Sceptics (Manchester Scene)

This five mates fronted by Isaac Pugh, rhythm guitar Will Riley, lead guitar Oli “Jacko” Jackson, bass guitar Ollie Dunne and drummer Jamies Foster Grime are know as The Sceptics they’re from manchester and I asked them what bands they love and Will give this answer “Being from Manchester, it is impossible to escape the

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9 New Music EP’s For You

Honestly last Friday I couldn’t find at least 9 EP’s but during this week were released some others, there for we now have 9 EP’s to present Don’t forget to visit  already updated with more than 370 tracks released only this month days and growing. Also checkout the new lineup for also I

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Debut Bands (in earnest)

Happy 4-20 to you’all this is another post about Debut Bands and the newest additions is one that I really fall in love with their sound and their history and wanna share it with you. in earnest put me under  debut  single released last Friday by this UK  trio aged between 25-31, and in their

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Less Than 1,000 Followers Week 16

This are my TOP10 tracks added yesterday and today from bands #LessThan1000Followers but take a step back first to my Playlist 100 Underground Tracks 2019 please. Last year I work out a Playlist called 100 Underground Tracks 2019 and at the TOP 10 was from 1 to 10 Cagework  (just released two new songs at

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12 New Songs This Week 16

April 14 2020 Remember that if you can’t catch up with the new music released daily thathonestly can be overwhelming, this Playlist might work for you just fine!!! This is a short (very short version of Playlist Fresh Singles right now over 200 tracks) also if possible I try to keep a chill vibe here,

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