Author: jpgchief

Introducing To… MDZN!!!

December 19, 2020. This time I want to share with you an artist that I mentioned before but as MadZen and now under his other moniker MDZN (almost the same right… but without vowels) this is for his electronic techno/ambient project. Last week he debuts with this single called MAZE a “mesmerizing tune easy to

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Introducing To…Volk!

“Lightning-charged duo VOLK is a Molotov coctail of high-octane Rock & Roll and Honky-Tonking Country swagger” SoundCloud bio. “The sonic union of guitarist Christopher Lowe and drummer Eleot Reich, Volk has a no-frills power-duo sound and setup that brings to mind early White Stripes, but with a lot more going on in the sonic margins.”

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