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New Music Flavor – Kllo “Still Here”

We’re all quarantined going slightly quaran-sane, but Kllo is here to remind you that they are “Still Here” despite the chaos. While some of us are really enjoying the time and space and other silver linings this quarantine has to offer, there are just as many people who are not doing okay. Though this track

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Sunday With George: The Mars Volta- De-Loused in the Comatorium

Off the bat, yes— this technically a “prog-rock” album in which Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea is allowed to indulge his more flamboyant tendencies, aiding and abetting some (at the time) wild-haired young gentleman out of El Paso, whose love of The Stooges, Santana, and King Crimson was most likely, mathematically, and perfectly balanced.

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BLACKSTARKIDS and the Next Music Hotspot: Kansas City

When asked if there were any movies they all loved TheBabeGabe led the emphatically unanimous answer “Kill Bill!”. This was one of the many enjoyable moments that occurred during my conversation with TheBabeGabe, Deiondre, and TyFaizon who comprise the Kansas City based group BLACKSTARKIDS. I was fortunate enough to not only learn about the group,

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Sunday With George: Slayer- South of Heaven

Within metal (and perhaps, within all music) there is something special that happens with, “the album in between.” I’m sure you’re probably reading that, and thinking to yourself, “But what does that mean? The album in between what?” Early in their career, it’s not uncommon for some bands to have two seismic pieces of work

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New Music Flavor – Yumi Zouma “Truth or Consequences”

Raise your hand if you’re working from home in sweats today. Now put your hand down because I can’t see you. Also, go wash your hands while you’re at it. I was going to create a COVID-19 survival playlist for today, but it looks like about a thousand people beat me to it – leaving

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9 EP’s New Music Friday

Once again New Music Friday brings 9 EP’s worth to listen 1 Lorette Meets The Obsolete Re-Facto from Guadalajara México pure psychedelic rock 4 tracks (2 new and 2 remixed original part of the album De Facto form last yea) 20 minutes one (if not) the most important band nowadays from my country talking about

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Big Mood Music

Mercury’s no longer in retrograde, but I’m still feeling that VIBE. The universe keeps spewing off big dick energy, keyword: dick, and we deserve a curated playlist to help us trudge through its mess. I’ve done the dirty work for you and dug up some f*ck off favorites and feel yourself flavors to entice your

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Best Tracks of 2020 So Far (February Edition)

We’re almost a quarter of the way through the year (WTF are you serious), and we are already off to a HOT start. Check out songs from Yves Tumor, Josh Dominguez, Grimes, Christine and the Queens, Amine, and more…

Sunday With George: GZA- Liquid Swords

Full disclosure, I HATED “Liquid Swords”, the first few times I heard it. Sacrilegious, I know. And this is not because I didn’t like the Wu-Tang Clan either— I had great love and admiration for them, proudly owning two Ghostface albums, two of the group’s solo albums, Method Man’s, “Tical”, and Raekwon’s, “Only Built 4

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