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Sunday with George: Deafheaven- New Bermuda

In Japanese, there is a phrase, “Koi No Yokan.” From what I understand, there isn’t an exact, literal English translation, but if one were to rough it out, they’d get something along the lines of, “premonition of love”. The first time I heard Deafheaven’s music, I felt this. I knew it, wholly. I’d missed, “Sunbather”,

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Early AOTY Entry: Wednesday’s “I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone”

This album is impossible to describe, but let’s see me try. It’s like a mix between Alex G and Pom Pom Squad? It’s almost got the sound variety of a lo-fi DIY Mollusk? It’s the album of the year so far and just can’t be described period except through a series of Rorschach blots?

Sunday with George: DMX- Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood

Sometimes, it’s a hard sell, talking about the fairly incredible musical achievements of DMX. For people who didn’t grow up when he was actually rapping, the first thing that comes to mind when they hear his name tends to involve… other things. His exploits outside the studio have a tendency to overshadow what he’s been

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Sunday with George: Baroness- Gold & Grey

In his autobiography, Miles Davis opined very specifically about what kind of music he likes, saying, “… I like raw shit, live, raunchy, get down, get back in the alley shit…” On their fifth LP, Gold & Grey, Baroness were most likely not making a conscious effort to please the late jazz titan. However, were

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Angel Olsen Is My Angel – an All Mirrors Album Review

Angel Olsen is back with some introspective howls in her new album, All Mirrors.  It holds the heartbeat of a masterpiece and lets us in, as she lets go of a significant love interest to confront her spinning thoughts. Her voice rattles from cages away, mirroring some of the choices she had made in her

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