New Music Flavor – Psychic Twin

Are we still in the point of the pandemic where I’m allowed to pretend like I don’t know what day it is and use that as an excuse for why I haven’t written about a new artist in two months? Yeah? Cool. Let’s celebrate 420, Earth Day and new music (or new to your ears perhaps).

Let’s talk about Psychic Twin, the dreamy, wonderful synth-pop brainchild of songwriter, producer and cool ass human Erin Fein (read more with her interview with VoyageLA). Her latest single is from 2019, so let’s hope that means she is working on a dope new project for us! In the meantime, “Water Meets Land” –

This track has rooftop vibes all over it – again folks, if you have a rooftop, USE IT. Shed those layers, grab a vice or two and get movin’ to Psychic Twin. 2016’s Strange Diary features some of my favorite PT tracks, including “Strangers”, “Stop In Time” and “Hopeless”.

Honestly, I should have told y’all about this album on Tuesday, but I hope your ears found your way to this music anyways. And just like Earth Day, isn’t 420 every day anyways?

I feel so lucky to call this musician my neighbor as she is also the badass human behind the Echo Park Trash Club, one of the coolest clubs in LA that meets Sundays to help clean up our neighborhood. And do I smell a whiff of a future community garden in our neighborhood? Tune in to Indie Pong’s Instagram for a live interview with Psychic Twin tomorrow, Saturday 4/24 at 11am PST!

Happy 420 everyone: “dad where’s my bong” – matti

matti is rising up through various projects that are all awesome, but I can only remember one of them off the top of my head and it’s Ackerman, for which he’s the drummer. I could just scroll up the text thread where my friend who first recommended Ackerman sent me the other acts, but I’m not going to. But this new track “dad where’s my bong” is pretty hot.

Another hot track to be aware of is Ackerman’s new “Peacewise Silence” which is on the Indie Pong playlist.

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Happy 420!

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