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THE MOMENT YOU ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR: Sunday Monday Tuesday George’s 21 Best Songs of 2021

I know there has been some concern within the hallways of the venerated Indie Pong office about my lack of… contribution as of late. Fear not though, because I’ve returned with my BEST write-up of the year: one in which I lace your Spotify with my top 21 songs of 2021. This is a challenge

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BREAKING NEWS: Brian Is Out, All Days Of The Week George to Take Over Indie Pong Music Blog

Brian kept ditching crucial pizza related Indie Pong meetings, so he’s out and All Days Of The Week George is our new leader. *he just screams business in his Covid-friendly and color-coordinated sporty ball getup* Brian hates Tame Impala and Beach House – which amply titled strike one and two. Ditching important pizza meetings? BOOTED.

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