The beginning of an era: The Indie Pong Era

It was late, about 2:30am, on a Thursday. I had just sent my thirteenth consecutive text to my friend Austin about my top 20 Outkast songs list I had made, equally spaced out so he would get the alerts in even intervals all night. There is nothing better than waking up to texts from your friends. Austin had asked me to not text him so late because he works early, but I knew he was just being considerate of my time and that it was a fake excuse. It was no bother, I love sharing music with my friends. Austin blocked my number because he’s such a good friend, but he DIDN’T block my roommate’s number, or any of my neighbors’ numbers, so I was set. Austin is so funny, he would make jokes like “Do you have any other friends” and “Your texts make me want to kill myself” – hilarious. I guess that’s what you get when you selflessly devote your free time to your friends.

In all honesty starting a music blog has always been a dream of mine. Last year I quit my film industry job of three years, a career I had been working towards since high school, and this is the direction my life has taken me. I can’t wait to share music with you all. Check out our playlist ‘Indie Pong Best New Tracks’ for new music every week.