Genre-Bent and Self-Produced, andy polk Releases New Song ‘pins&needles’ with cookii

It’s no surprise that hyperpop has manifested itself as more than just a maximalist, torqued-up version of pop. The genre has found a way to merge with alt, hip-hop and punk sounds, among others, perhaps most notably by artists like 100 gecs working with Fall Out Boy, or via the emo musings of newer names like Brevin Kim and daine.

Andy polk is one such artist taking that route, existing in and around hyperpop, electropop and alt hip-hop.

On his new track, ‘pins&needles,’ polk enlists Australia-based hyperpop artist cookii, featuring rapid-fire production and warped, frantic vocals.

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“Tripping with my headphones on,” sing-yells Andy, “I don’t even know what the answers are.”

It’s a track that reflects the chaos of life the past year, two minutes and 27 seconds of trying to reckon with the unknown as we hurtle through space on a huge globular rock. The lyricism and melodies are reminiscent of 2000s punk-pop, and cookii’s feature provides some solace to andy and the listener; she’s another person with whom we can share our burdens.

Tackling mental health and the angst of life in a post-capitalist pressure-cooker, this is definitely a track to queue up when you need to let off some steam.

Check out this cathartic bop on streaming platforms, or you can listen on SoundCloud here. You can also find andy on Instagram.