New Music Flavor – NoMBe “CHROMOTOPIA”

NoMBe, my favorite weirdo, has finally released his baby CHROMOTOPIA into the world after 3 arduous years.

It’s been a wild ride waiting for this release as NoMBe has been through hell and back while still making sure to find a way for these tunes to hit our ears. He says it best in his own words below.

NoMBe is thoughtful and authentic with his lyricism and creates a genuine bond and maintains communication with his fans. Through this album, he expresses that “love is a spectrum” and explores different kinds of relationships, complex emotions, the craziness of life, and what it means to be “happysad”.

Of his 5 singles leading up to release, “Weirdo” is by far my favorite track (but then again they are all my favorite by far). For whatever reason, I listened to “Weirdo” in my right ear this morning as I helped my new neighbor Nate lug some sacks of oranges up the street. “Weirdo” is so topical and ahead of its time as it references vaccines, say whaaaa –

“you’re the only vaccine, to cure the mundane”

Today’s drop brought us 9 new tracks, including the Chromotopia ABC’s which are great for my fellow synesthesia friends. It’s hard to describe how cool it is to see the atmosphere of different colors he creates with each song.

“Boys Don’t Cry” came on NoMBe’s 30th birthday last week, and if you can’t tell, he’s really living it up in Hawaii these days. NoMBe grooves through Hawaii with his slinky smooth dance moves, and we all know I can’t resist some solid seaweed arms. Another great track for your rooftop jam playlists.

The last track I’ll touch on before I leave you to enjoy CHROMOTOPIA is “Water Into Wine” which greeted my morning alongside a brand new video. It’s a beautiful, sensual song by itself, but the video adds an extra visual layer including NoMBe hovering above the ocean like our modern-day musical savior. There’s a moment for my friends with hand fetishes, as well.

Honestly every song on this album is a stand out in some way, so you’ll just need to listen to it in full to decide which one makes your ears and heart and soul happiest. And don’t forget, love is a spectrum.