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Memo’s Monthly Favorites: May 2021

Hello everybody! Happy June! I hope you are all doing well. This past month was pretty busy for me. My semester ended last month, so that means I had finals to worry about. Somehow I passed all of my classes so yay me! Now that my semester is over I can finally focus a bit

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Memo’s Monthly Favorites: March 2021

Hello everybody! Happy April! Somehow we are already one quarter done with 2021. How did that happen? This past month was jam-packed with great music. Although I did struggle finding a lot of good albums to write about, there were a lot of great singles and even EP’s released in March. There’s a lot of

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In Response to Sunday Tuesday George’s 2012 Playlist Here Are Some More 2012 Songs

Even though the hate mail and death threats from Indie Pong’s meticulous and unforgiving fanbase continue to pour in, this is not my post highlighting best new songs, even though there are many. You can follow those here though on our playlist and I’ll get around to summarizing it eventually but not now because what

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