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Daw’s Top Songs of 2020 is the Most On-Brand Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Since we’re considering firing Daw I thought I’d Spotify-stalk him and found him listening to his own top songs of 2020, wherein I found zero surprises. Here’s a glimpse of the top of the list: Niiiiiiiccceeee nice nice Not that this is lame or anything, these are all dope bands (and almost literally all from

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Daw WILL NOT WIN and he’s not ACTUALLY Running Shit (Indie Pong Beef Storytime Edition)

It pains me that it’s come to this, but here we are… TWO beef articles from me in as many weeks? And a week from Christmas to boot!? It took until yesterday for me to get the full picture, but the ever humble Sunday Monday Tuesday George has been the victim of a damn near

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I’m literally just waiting for Daw to publish his best songs of the year list

Daw told me it was coming last night, but like the Y2K bug it never happened. I’m waiting for it to do an Instagram recap update, and I suppose like ambitionless Ryan Reynolds in the 2005 film ‘Waiting…’, I will continue doing as such. I don’t know why I’m letting Daw have power over my

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