Daw’s Top Songs of 2020 is the Most On-Brand Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Since we’re considering firing Daw I thought I’d Spotify-stalk him and found him listening to his own top songs of 2020, wherein I found zero surprises. Here’s a glimpse of the top of the list:

Niiiiiiiccceeee nice nice

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Not that this is lame or anything, these are all dope bands (and almost literally all from Chicago besides Forth Wanderers who are from Jersey and King Floyd from NOLA), I just wanted to point out that it is extremely on-brand for hot-dawg Daw who’s avatar is literally a hot dog and who lives in the heart of Chicago and whose room looks like the Chicago Museum of Sports.

Anyways I’m just giving Daw a hard time but it’s a solid list I guess:

Also I understand it was a turbulent year but no Kanye, does that give new meaning to Daw’s meme that was universally panned across the internet? Hard to say.