Long, Long, Long Songs

Back in 2018 when I went to the movies with my family to see Bohemian Rhapsody  there´s a scene  when the band is trying to sell the idea precisely about this long song (5:54 minutes) as the lead single for their upcoming album but the record company refuse, due to the fact that the standar is 3 minutos for playing a song on the radio

Well we all know that maybe nothing has change on the radio even today but the streaming is another thing, and I think that the artist love to make their music without boundaries of any kind and this obviously includes the time.

Well here some examples of recent released songs that hits the 20 minutes mark

First the fantastic song Play by Dave Grohl with 22:36 long this track not only Grohl plays seven istruments all on his own (drums, guitar, bas, keyboards, xylophone, shakers and vibes), also is the one that inspired the whole idea of this Playlist Long, Long, Long Songs

Today I find out that and album that I was expecting a lot last month and was released March 27 but wasn’t available at Spotify (I don’t know why) until today, well the mexican band Vinnum Sabbathi that plays instrumental Sci-Fi heavy music brings this track A Superstring Revolution I almost 13 minutes long and if you’re fan from their work you’re going to love it.

The legendary rock band Phish is almost 40 years old and they’re well known for musical improvisation and the blenging of genres that at the beginning of this month relased a new album Sigma Oasis that includes Everything’s Right a track over 12 minutes that exemplifies them very well and no surprise is their second most streamed song from this work ( 127K )

Also from the end of last month another new track this one 31:19 named Endless Arrow by metal band Converge (if you enjoy Sunn O))) sound then this one is for you not to mention that a track Frost (C) is included in the Playlist part of thier last year album Pyroclasts) The track is an ambient doom odyssey that even if you’re not into this  genre you should enjoy it and if not one thing is for sure you’re going to be entertained in this quarentine.

Changing the genre this past March 26 I wrote down this in my thread “The Track Of The Day is for Holy Mother by the cellist Clarice Jensen second track of her upcoming album The Experience of Repetition as Death a gigantic track in any way you want so see it almost 11 minutes long, glorious music as it feels religious or at least spiritual, trascendental.” The album was released last Friday and if you haven’t check it out now is an excellent opportunity.

Last year one of the greatest musicians Thurston Moore relased Spirit Counsel with only 3 tracks of experimental avant garde rock the longest included at the end of this Playlist (one of my very favorites) Alice Monki Jayne is an absolutely gem. Named in tribute to Alice Coltrane (John Coltrane) Moki Cherry (Don Cherry) and Jayne Cortez (Ornette Coleman) you certantly need to listen this track.

Here the whole Playlist right now 96 tracks  a whole day listening (24:04 minutes) it wasn’t the idea of this Playlist to spend a lot of time of listening this long songs that matter of fact works perfect for this isolation time… Don’t you think?