Introducing To… Hazedus!

December 14, 2020.

Well for today I have something unsuall for me, if you read or follow my work already know that I’m not really into Hip Hop or Rap obviously I enjoy it as much as other genres if its good but I’m far from being an expert on it.

The thing is that last Satuardy I was talking with this Rapper raised in Boston and as always I take a good listen to her music and WOW I love it and have to let her know that this wasn’t normal for me but that I really enjoy her sound, lyrics, and the whole thing.

The first track that I listen to (following my work ethic was the newest)  called Cooking

Blow my mind that being a rapper she was only with 2 listeners and 2 followers, you might think that is normal but I think is not she deserves better than that… on her Spotify bio she’s been comper with Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah that’s a big deal.

Asking about the story behind this track she replyed “Well, I’m actually a lil embarrssed now, on my influence for the track, it was 69 (6ix9ine) and seeing who he his now… but when Ifirst listen to Gummo I like it, but i htought he actually Jack Kodaks flow in the way he rhyme, the melody was very Kodak but he energy was crazy so i was like I can do something like this so that’s when I actyually searched for a 69 type of instrumental and I wrote cooking. The style is really Jamaican”

Well it’s obvious that this girl ain’t debutant only for Spotify but you can find a tone of tunes in her Soundcloud and here you have a couple

IN Love

With It

If you’re into Hip Hop or RAP or you want to support this talented artist you can go to her YouTube Channel and enjoy it.

Last but not least important Hazedus also rap in French creole, she’s Haitian and later today she will be releasing Criminal her newest track in this lenguage so stay tune…

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Debut Track Of The Day

December 09, 2020, Today we have an awesome debut band…

Let’s welcome Editrix

Debut Track Chelsea

Today’s Debut Track Of The Day is from Editrix a trio from Western Mass and their track Chelsea is a BANGER, the play the right kind of NOISE that I enjoy so much. And if this isn’t enough for you, I love the bands fronted by females and in this case is Wendy on vocals and guitars and their sound is infectious.  The rest of the band is Steve Cameron and Josh Daniel.

“Chelsea” by Editrix from their album ‘Tell Me I’m Bad’ out February 5, 2021 on Exploding in Sound Records. Pre-order at:

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Debut Track Of The Day

December 04, 2020, Today we have two artist debuting first

Let’s welcome M.A.W.

Debut Track T-Minus

Today’s Debut Track Of The Day is from Mark Wilkins aka M.A.W. from London. He’s been involved in music as a club promoter, DJ, songwriter for 20 years.

And in his own words

I set out at the start of 2020 to explore electronic soundscapes as opposed to writing songs on an acoustic guitar.

I had no idea how it might take shape and the lockdown happened & I found myself wanting to create something that felt like a ‘proper’ album, like a story or a journey – that ebbed and flowed and almost felt like it could be a soundtrack to something. Like a shit year!! Ha”

And so my music and the songs are like that individually. They have personalities that switch throughout & so the album – The Slow Burn – is warm, ambient, and yet sinister sounding.

I went with T-Minus as it just felt like a nice way to introduce myself and the album. It’s just a fun, upbeat, dark number and everyone I played it too seemed to really like it instantly!”

Well, you only need to listen to it and let us know what you think about it!!!

The whole album Slow Burn is here

Welcome to RENAÉ

Debut Track  Head in the Clouds

RENAÉ is an up and coming artist releasing her debut single today  December 04 2020. RENAÉ has an everlasting passion for music with her sound being heavily influenced by soul and R&B and draws inspiration from artists such as Amy Winehouse, Alessia Cara and Lady Gaga. RENAÉ has been writing for as long as she can remember and is excited to finally share her stories one track at a time. 

Head in the Clouds’ mellowed chords, addictive melody, tight rhythms and zesty bass will leave you wanting to call your ex. 

I hope not only you can enjoy this track but also support this artist streaming and sharing his work that obviously you can fin in the Playlist Debut Bands (Of The Radar), also Fresh Singles, and Less Than 1,000 Followers.

Debut Track Of The Day

Let’s welcome to CHILD STAR

Debut Track MOVIES

November 25 2020. Today we have another great debut turn for “Indie-pop outfit Child Star is a London-Stockholm project that has travelled far since its niche dream pop and shoegaze inspired demos, to the more resolute indie-pop sound we hear in “Movies”.” Out via our friends from Blitzcat Records.

Did you ever lie to your parents about where you were going to avoid questions? Certainly I and   Reyna (my wife) did it a lot when we’re teenagers. The truth is that was the perfect lie to can go out and do any other stuff we want back then. “Written in Paris and mastered by Ed Ripley (Goat Girl), Movies is the embodiment of nostalgia for the intensity of teenage friendships and how this shouldn’t have to fade as people grow up. I never want to get too old for sleepovers and I don’t think anyone does.”

“Songwriter Ondrej was dead set on the band name even before Julia responded to his online advert, an actual child star herself amongst the Swedish horror movie circuit. Beneath the duo’s lucid guitar sound and strutting bass grooves, Child Star’s lyrics reflect the feeling that our everyday lives don’t need to be taken so seriously, despite the uncertain times we find ourselves in.”

I hope not only you can enjoy this track but also support this artist streaming and sharing his work that obviously you can fin in the Playlist Debut Bands (Of The Radar), also Fresh Singles, Less Than 1,000 Followers and Alterindie State Of Mind.

Debut Track Of The Day



Today Sunday 22 we have another great debut an alternative rock band based in Leeds, Uk. The CARDIGAN FIELDS stir up a mix of punk, grunge, and indie rock to produce a cocktail of raw, charged up, in your face, energetic, yet melodic noise!

Cardigan fields take their inspiration from a host of bands such as QOTSA, Rage Against the machine, Cage the Elephant, and Slaves.

And if you’re already intoxicated by their sound I have more good news for you, they already have a next single titled Timebomb a fast-paced track (that is going to blow your mind for sure) aiming to be reléase before this year ends.

I hope not only you can enjoy this track but also support this artist streaming and sharing his work that obviously you can fin in the Playlist Debut Bands (Of The Radar), also Fresh Singles, Less Than 1,000 Followers and Alterindie State Of Mind.

Debut Track Of The Day

Today Sam Dielle a British 23 years old singer songwriter present his debut single a protest song…

This brings to my mind   Fernando Delgaillo (he’s a “trovador”) and in his song “De la canción de Protesta” (of the protest song)… in this track he talks more o less about that the singers need to talk out loud the problems that we’re living in.

Well Sam just did that, I asked about this debut track and this is his answer:

“I have just released my first solo track ‘Half a Cent’. I wrote this track about the under payment of artists by streaming services. Spotify pay artists less than $0.004 per stream (hence the title Half a Cent), and it motivated me to write a protest song against the sorry state of the modern music industry, and the daily struggles that independent artists go through on a daily basis. Musically, Half a Cent is a fierce Indie Rock song that combines acoustic elements with soaring electric guitars and a pounding electronic beat to create a catchy tune perfect to start a revolution to”

I hope not only you can enjoy this track but also support this artist streaming and sharing his work (for what its worth) that obviously you can fin in the Playlist Debut Bands (Of The Radar), also Fresh Singles, Less Than 1,000 Followers and Alterindie State Of Mind.

Debut Track Of The Day

Muchacha Punk 

Friday November 13, 2020.

Today we have a debut band from Lima, Peru. Muchacha Punk (Adrian Calderon guitar- composition and Andrea Castillo vocals) an Indie rock fruit of dissolution of a previous band, the duo DIY delivers the lead single Cuan Mal Vas recorded in this lockdown part of their upcoming debut EP for next year out via LaFlor Records.

A melancholic sound from the ‘80s and ‘90s indie rock with strong influences from bands that these guys admire as Breeders, Pixies Mazzy Star, The Cure. I’m absolutely sure that you’re going to find this one as a solid first step in the right direction.

Fruto de la disolución de una banda anterior, nace Muchacha Punk, duo autoproducido que presenta “Cuán Mal Vas”, single debut grabado durante cuarentena en Lima – Perú, y desafortunadamente estrenado en plena crisis nacional, con una temática melancólica que en tal contexto del país, se espera que sirva de refugio y calma para muchas personas. Musicalmente, es el resultado de una obsesión con ciertos aspectos de los 80s y es el primero de una serie de singles previos a su primer EP.

Remember that you can find Muchacha Punk and more than 360 artists/bands that born in this year, here in Playlist Debut Bands (Off The Radar)

Debut Track Of The Day

Hi everyone… I find this track today, the debut track for this girl Katja Nielsen that also is a singer and bassist for Arre! Arre! The point is that with this lockdown she has so much free time (instead of turning with the last year Arre! Arre! album or their new EP) so she starts this solo project called She/Beast.

She releases today as the lead single of the upcoming EP In The Deeps of Misery the track The Sadness Will Last Forever, the 5 tracks EP drops December 11, 2020.

Katja was diagnosed with bipolar disorder so in her own words “Writing music has always been a coping strategy for me. Feelings get bottled up in a very destructive way if I don’t write a song about something I’m going through.”

You can find this track in Playlist Debut Bands (Of The Radar)

Fresh Singles May

Hi, you’all once again, today we have a great new music day, several cool releases that obviously you can find in Playlist Fresh Singles, in case you still don’t know I have a new format now (and also a brand new image) for now on all the tracks added will stay in this Playlist during 4 whole weeks after that they will be saying goodbye to this Playlist but surely you still can find them in another that fits best for it.

1 Tired Lion Waterbed Yes finally the band from Perth Australia deliver new music, previous was in since 2018 and this one is so good that it’s already one of my favorites recent releases.

2 The Stroppies Look Alive More indie from Australia now from Melbourn (big fan of the Aussie scene since a few years ago), this is the third single that gives name to their upcoming album out June 05 and they sound fantastic

3 Covet Parachute Now from California this trio with their newest track after Nero (instrumental track) released at the end of March, this time with lyrics is a bit softer track or with a different vibe but really good and enjoyable.

4 Half Moon Run Grow into Love  From Montreal Quebec, more instolated tracks, now the turn for this folk band that is back after their last year album A Blemish in the Great Light with this beautiful tune

5 July Talk Identical Love  More from Canada now (Toronto) with their third single part of the upcoming album Pray For It out July 10 really different track than their previous two this one in some way more heartfelt alongside with a sax solo…a thing of beauty!!!

6 Feuerschwanz I See Fire Erlangen Germany third single part of the upcoming album Das Elfte Gebot out next June 26 folk-rock/folk metal this track (Ed Sheeran cover) shows us why these guys are one of the hottest bands in this genre.

7 Ariel View Fake Friends From Ontario California, this indie/surf band this track is new for Spotify users but was really released back in 2017 at Bandcamp so if you fan surely you already know the track but if not, you can enjoy it now.

8  Hanover Somer This is one of those small and new bands that I love so much, with very few followers (42 followers 30 monthly listeners) from New England emo/emo-punk indie/alternative anywhere in between this track is part of an upcoming EP titled Virginia and Everything After with 5 tracks and this is the fourth out. Currently, Hanover is Donny McManus guitar and vocals, Michale (snooks) Papagna drums, and Zach Willette Bass

9 Lucern Raze / Shit Kid Tradgarden Another single part of the upcoming album “INTERNATIONAL BREAKDOWN”, available May 20 via PNKSLM Recordings. The last one still is hot less than 1 week from release and this collaborative now you can find it in Playlists #LessThan1000Followers as well.

10 Jonah Yano delicate Last but not least one more from Ontario Canada, this track part of the upcoming debut album Souvenir out June 19 an album about his personal history.

This is the whole Playlist for #FreshSingles already over to 500 tracks

Enjoy it and stay tuned if you want to be updated with the new hot and cool artists.

Fresh Singles Week 17

Wow, I’m struck by the amount of new music that we keep reciving daily, I thought that in these umprecedented times maybe we’re going to be suffer from a lack of music but fortunately that hasn’t been the case.  Therefore let´s go and take a look to some of the new music released today

1 Bright Eyes Forced Convalescence second single of their upcoming new album that hasn’t been detailed, here the awesome track released a few hours ago and  surely is going to be one of the favorites for the fans (and no fans too)

2 Deradoorian Monk’s Robes  you got to be kidding me, this girl release Saturnian Night back in March a fantastic track over 7 minutes and I think this has to be the best track  on the upcoming album Find The Sun (due out September 18) and then she release  today the second single and…maybe is better than the lead single (at least equally good)

3 Bill Nace Part 8 an instrumental and experimental rock this is the third track part of the upcoming album Both 8 tracks work set to release May 22 this guitar player has work with Thurston Moore but maybe you didn’t need to know this to find something familiar in their music, so if you enjoy Moore recent work this one is going to be a weird bliss  of noise and music maybe not at the same time but almost.

4 Man Man On The Mend also third single for the band and their upcoming album Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between out May 01 is another experimental rock / alternative that is so fun to listen (an easy much listenting experience than the previus track in this list)

5 Kooba Tercu Fair Game this is the second track  part of the upcoming album Prot Tekno set to reléase May 22 and if you’re thinking this guy only is sharing experimental rock (krautrock / noise / psychedelic) I only can say it’s not my fault (but I love it) this is the way this tracks have been released I know seems to be intended. Anyway is an spectaluar track and I’m really stoked about this album.

6 Caleb Landry I Dig Your Dog Another highly expected album The Mother Stone out May 01 a psycho pop or indie rock work that bring to my mind the album by King Tuff The Other back in 2018 (part of my Top 100 Albums that year) and this one seems to be in the same way skyrocketing the charts (I mean is a debut album but is incredibly good so far)

7 Esther Rose Blue On Blue After her last year album You Made it This Far this contry / folk Singer present last month her lead single My Favorite Mistake and today release a Nick Lowe’s cover Blue on Blue.  

8  Westerman Your Hero Is Not Dead today Will Westerman presents his fourth and is the one that gives name to the upcoming album out June 05 This one a sad and emotive track.

9 Drab City Troubled Girl from third single of their upcoming album Good Songs For  Bad People in their own words “It’s one our favorites from the new record” Well so far I agree and you?

10 The Cool Greenhouse Life Advice second single part of their self debut album alternative / post punk They have to be from the UK fantastic sound can’t wait for this album!!!

This is the whole Playlist for #FreshSingles already getting closer to 400 tracks

Enjoy it and stay tune if you want to be updated with new hot and cool artista.