New Music Flavor – Navvi Upside “Gas Me Up”

This morning brought us the latest single from Navvi Upside “Gas Me Up”, a straight banger and just taste of his upcoming EP FAINT expected later this year.

Hailing from a big family in Chicago, Navvi understands the importance of hard work and a support system – concepts evident in his lyrics.

“Gas me up, sometimes I need that shit”

Don’t we all need that shit? In today’s press release, Navvi says “If you treat me right, I’ll treat you even better. Just pour good into people and understand nobody’s perfect.”

“You keep it classy and savage as shit”

Plus, I’m quite partial anything that combines classy and savage in the same breath. Granted, that line does follow “Got some racks on them b!*@hes” so we’ve got a little bit of that lady in the streets freak in the sheets kinda vibe here.

Tune in for Navvi Upside’s interview on Indie Pong’s Instagram Live tomorrow at 3pm PST.